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Indiana Association of County Commissioners Achievement Awards Winners

2019 Outstanding Team Effort for a Board of Commissioners Montgomery County
Jim Fulwider, John Frey, and Dan Guard and former County Commissioner Phillip Bane

2019 Distinguished County Commissioner      
Steve Dillinger, Hamilton County Commissioner           

2019 County Engineer of the Year
Charles "Chip" Porter, St Joseph County Engineer


2019 Legislative Service Achievement Award         
Ryan Goodwin, Morgan County Commissioner                 

2019 County Highway Supervisor of the Year
Glen Bube, Harrison County Highway Supervisor

2019 Outstanding Supportive County Auditor of the Year
Lori Hallett, Putnam County Auditor


Indiana County Commissioners attended the Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin 2019 Regional State Leadership Day in Washington DC. 



Indiana Task Force on Public Defense Findings and Recommendations of the Reporting Subcommittee to the Indiana Public Defender Commission
To read the Executive Summary, please click here.
To read the Full Report, please click here.

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